Our Story

Duty Bound founder and CEO

Duty Bound Apparel was formed in 2023 by our founder who just wanted to give back to the veteran and first responder community. Being raised in a great family where most of the family are veterans and/or first responders, those communities have always touched our heart and this is our way of giving back.

You may be asking yourself what makes our products different then other companies out there and they are not in a lot of ways, we have different designs and we take pride in our work and our products. What really sets us apart from some of our competitors is that we are dedicated to giving back to the communities that we support with monthly donations to different organizations that support veterans and/or first responders.

After our first month of business which will be Nov 2023 we will be adding a page for our donations to make sure our customers know where that money is going. We feel that keeping this very transparent and easily available to our customers is paramount in what we are trying to accomplish.